our work

Empowering Development Alternatives(EDA)

  • EDA is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization based in NY and operating in East Africa.
  • Working to break the cycle of poverty in rural Uganda through education and empowering young boys and girls to become agents of change.
  • We believe that poverty should not be viewed merely in economic terms, but as social, political and spiritual powerlessness. Our vision is to strive for development alternatives committed to empowering people in their own communities, and to mobilize them to have an active role in directing their own destinies. In contrast to blanket development policies regulated and implemented at the national and international level, development alternatives restore the initiative to those in need, on the grounds that unless people are actively involved in their own growth long-term progress will not be achieved.

EDA's current project, Leaders of the Future, enables orphans living in impoverished households in Jinja, Uganda to realize their full potential through support and access to quality secondary education and continued support through achieving a university degree.


Education is THE WAY for individuals, families, communities and nations to be victorious in the battle against poverty, disease and unhappiness.


  • Education offers the most viable options for a stronger, healthier, more fulfilling future.
  • Education can make a difference and effectively change the life of not only a particular child, but also an entire nation.
  • Education is capable of tackling the root causes of poverty.
  • Education is key to inventing a new, safer and sustainable future.


Enabled with an education, a graduate student in Uganda:

  • Earns 50% more income.
  • Gains leadership skills.
  • Three times less likely to become infected with HIV/AIDS.
  • Has a more manageable and healthier family.


Due to their Mother's infection, which has left them homeless in the first place, many of these children are born with the virus and so come into the world as innocent victims of the AIDS Epidemic. EDA's vision of providing children with "The Gift &Power of Education", is a safe, and professionally executed way to change the future of children in rural Uganda and in so doing be a force for good in the world.

Please let us know if you'd like to join forces or learn more. We welcome you to the quest!